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Lost in Robo-Translation

Sue Halpern writes: A few days before I left for a trip to Japan with my husband, I signed up to rent a translation device called Pocketalk. According to a press release from January, when the device debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las [...]

In Japan, Foreign Residents Help Revive Tourism

Shining a light on the unique discoveries and ingenuity of foreigners. Hiroko Kono reports: More and more regions in Japan are using the talents of foreign residents to invigorate tourism. Consideration of the success stories brings three key [...]

‘Do Not Dumb Here’

It actually says: “Don’t throw your garbage here”, but the English translation seems so much more profound. (H/t Phineas Fahrquar) via The Tree of [...]

New Skype Feature Translates into 10 Languages

Microsoft Japan Co. has launched a new translation feature that can handle Japanese for its Skype internet calling service. It provides immediate translations of entire conversations, in both voice and text. The feature, which launched Friday, is [...]