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The Seedy Underworld of Movie Memorabilia

With the market for memorabilia breaking records, collectors and auction houses must contend with thieves, fakers and skeptical police who wonder, ‘Who in their right mind would pay that much for that?’ Gary Baum reports: The [...]

[VIDEO] Miniature Toys: Streets of Old Hong Kong

Hong Kong-based miniature toy shop King & Country produced all-metal, hand-painted military and civilian miniatures, with themes that range from ancient Egypt to World War II. One of the shop’s best-seller, the “Streets of Old Hong Kong” [...]

[VIDEO] Toys With Digital Eyes: Eerie or Endearing?

With the help of small LCD screens, digitally animated eyes are giving once-stoic toys—from race cars to Cabbage Patch Kids—a highly expressive makeover. Michael Hsu writes: In humankind’s seemingly never-ending quest to give life to toys, [...]

[VIDEO] International Tokyo Toy Show Rocks Japan

Kazuaki Nagata reports: Holding a Bluetooth-enabled plastic toy gun with a smartphone attached, players fight virtual enemies appearing on the phone’s screen as it displays real surroundings. The augmented reality gun battle was on display at [...]

You Be The Electronic Man!

You Be The Electronic Man – ‘The latest brainstorm of the Brain!’ Advertisement featured in the Dan DeCarlo comic, The Brain! #6, January 1958. (via Pappy’s Golden Age Comics [...]