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Robots Expected to Run Half of Japan by 2035

Andrew Tarantola reports: Data analysts Nomura Research Institute (NRI), led by researcher Yumi Wakao, figure that within the next 20 years, nearly half of all jobs in Japan could be accomplished by robots. Working with Professor Michael Osborne [...]

‘Robot Rescue’: Last Supper Parody

We just found a fantastic new addition to our collection of The Last Supper parodies. Entitled Robot Rescue, this version depicts the iconic meal taking place in a pastoral setting. Floating robot eyes and an alien invasion seem to be [...]

You Be The Electronic Man!

You Be The Electronic Man – ‘The latest brainstorm of the Brain!’ Advertisement featured in the Dan DeCarlo comic, The Brain! #6, January 1958. (via Pappy’s Golden Age Comics [...]

[VIDEO] 61 Things the Robots Can Do Now

Zip your zipper It can go around curves and move forward and backward. Get ready for tiny bots to zip around your pants, jackets, and dresses. Slay Motörhead covers Just listen to that drumming. Lemmy may have found the band’s seventh [...]

[VIDEO] Self-Folding Robots

A team of engineers at Harvard and MIT have designed and built a flat-packed robot that assembles itself and walks away. Learn more at [...]