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Japan’s Noisy iPhone Problem

Disclosure: I didn’t cancel my iPhone order – I bought my iPhone 8 in Japan in October. And didn’t discover this problem until last weekend, taking photos at an intimate Christmas dinner concert, where my iPhone’s noisy [...]

Forget Drones: Google Explores Robot Delivery

Legged robots from Boston Dynamics can navigate a home, and even deliver a parcel, using advances in manipulation and vision. Will Knight writes: The nimble-legged robots under development at a secretive Google subsidiary are getting ever more [...]

The Mechanics of Mechanophilia: Why Men Find Siri Sexy

We all have relationships with tech. The question is: how far do you go? Gareth May writes: How would you feel if you walked in on your flatmate pouring his iPhone a glass of Cristal and remarking on her exceptional ‘wallpaper’? Open mouthed [...]

Meet The Army’s New Pocket-Sized Drone

Jennings Brown reports: A recent glimpse at the future of robotic warfare proves tank robots aren’t ready for the battlefield just yet—but soldiers are enthusiastic about tiny drones that can be mistaken for birds. “We need to be making [...]

AI: Will the Machines Ever Rise Up?

From Ex Machina to Terminator Genisys, ‘synths’ and robots have invaded our popular culture. But how real is the reel depiction of artificial intelligence? Ian Sample writes: The harried parents in one family in the Channel 4 drama Humans are [...]

Siri’s U.S. voice actress revealed!

An Atlanta woman has come forward to CNN as the U.S. voice of Siri, the built-in “personal assistant” first introduced in the iPhone 4S. Susan Bennett says she first discovered that her voice was being used on Apple’s smartphones when a friend [...]