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[VIDEO] Japan Sees Bitcoin Use Boom

Bitcoin’s value has been surging in recent weeks in Japan. The cryptocurrency is now being accepted at some major electronics stores, and soon by one airline. Lawmakers in Tokyo have stepped in and are helping Japan to lead in this growing [...]

Robotic Sports: Ready for Prime Time

Robotic Sports Will One Day Rival the NFL Cody Brown writes: When I was 13, I watched a season of Battle Bots on Comedy Central then attempted to build a killer robot in my parent’s basement. You might think, oh, you were probably a weird kid [...]

Robot with $100 Bitcoin Buys Drugs, Gets Arrested

The robot’s purchases included a Hungarian passport, Ecstasy pills, fake Diesel jeans, a Sprite can with a hole cut out in order to stash cash, Nikes, a baseball cap with a hidden camera, cigarettes and the ‘Lord of the Rings‘ [...]