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Artificial Intelligence

AI Can Be Made Legally Accountable for Its Decisions

Computer scientists, cognitive scientists, and legal scholars say AI systems should be able to explain their decisions without revealing all their secrets. By Emerging Technology from the arXiv Artificial intelligence is set to play a significantly [...]

China’s AI Awakening 中国 人工智能 的崛起

The West shouldn’t fear China’s artificial-intelligence revolution. It should copy it. Will Knight reports: On a tropical island that marks the southern tip of China, a computer program called Lengpudashi is playing one-on-one poker against a [...]

Robots Aren’t as Smart as You Think

As robots get good at mimicking human behavior, people can be deceived into thinking they have human intelligence. So let’s put them to the test. Angelica Lim writes:  A few years ago I met a robot in a Japanese-style café in Osaka. She wore a [...]

AI Enlisted to Help Prevent Traffic Jams

The transport ministry will this autumn start a pilot project that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to alleviate traffic congestion in tourist hotspots. The project will use traffic volume data collected through a network of cameras installed on [...]

AI-Generated Pop Song Puts Human Composers on Notice

Rich Haridy reports: At the rate AI-generated music is progressing, it could be old-fashioned to manually compose songs in as little as a decade. The latest step forward comes with the release of “Break Free,” the first single from the [...]

Elon Musk Lays Out Worst-Case Scenario for AI Threat

Powerful technology will threaten all human jobs, could even spark a war, Tesla CEO says. Tim Higgins writes: Elon Musk warned a gathering of U.S. governors that they need to be concerned about the potential dangers from the rise of artificial [...]

AI Program Defeats World’s Top Go Player

Yomiuri Shimbun Correspondent WUZHEN, China – Akiko Yoshinaga reports: The artificial intelligence program AlphaGo overwhelmingly defeated Ke Jie, a 19-year-old Chinese national who is said to be the best Go player in the world, in the third [...]

Will Machines Ever Become Human?

David Gelernter writes: No. Digital computers won’t; and in the world as we know it, they are the only candidate machines. What does “human” mean? Humans are conscious and intelligent — although it’s curiously easy to imagine one [...]

The Mechanics of Mechanophilia: Why Men Find Siri Sexy

We all have relationships with tech. The question is: how far do you go? Gareth May writes: How would you feel if you walked in on your flatmate pouring his iPhone a glass of Cristal and remarking on her exceptional ‘wallpaper’? Open mouthed [...]

Charlie Rose Interviews a Robot

Charlie Rose attempts to interview a robot named “Sophia” for his 60 Minutes report on artificial intelligence. “I’ve been waiting for you,” Sophia tells 60 Minutes correspondent Charlie Rose. They’re mid-interview, and Rose [...]

Japanese Robot Makes Sushi in Seconds 

The Japanese robotics manufacturer Kawasaki has created a bot that can prepare nigiri sushi in under a minute. As robots get more advanced, they will likely take over many jobs in the future — including those of sushi chefs. For a sneak peak [...]

Meet The Army’s New Pocket-Sized Drone

Jennings Brown reports: A recent glimpse at the future of robotic warfare proves tank robots aren’t ready for the battlefield just yet—but soldiers are enthusiastic about tiny drones that can be mistaken for birds. “We need to be making [...]

When Is the Singularity?

 This is New York Times’ idea of a ‘misconception’.  Most artificial intelligence researchers still discount the idea of an “intelligence explosion” that will outstrip human capabilities. John Markoff writes: In March when [...]

Robotic Sports: Ready for Prime Time

Robotic Sports Will One Day Rival the NFL Cody Brown writes: When I was 13, I watched a season of Battle Bots on Comedy Central then attempted to build a killer robot in my parent’s basement. You might think, oh, you were probably a weird kid [...]

A Robot Just Passed the Self-Awareness Test

Roboticists at the Ransselaer Polytechnic Institute have built a trio of robots that were put through the classic ‘wise men puzzle’ test of self-awareness – and one of them passed. Duncan Geere reports: In the puzzle, a [...]