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Amazon Is Leading Tech’s Takeover of America

Tentacles of a handful of tech giants are reaching into industries no one ever expected them to, reshaping our world in their image. Christopher Mims reports: Why does a phone maker get into banking transactions? Why does a social network build a [...]

[VIDEO] Copycats of Chinese Tech Pop Up in U.S.

More U.S. tech companies including Apple and Snapchat are providing services, such as bike-sharing apps and mobile wallets, that imitate those offered by Chinese rivals, says venture capitalist Connie Chan at the WSJ D.Live Asia conference. More [...]

Apple’s HomePod Puts Siri in a Speaker

Pierce reports: It’s hard not to watch Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant invade millions of living rooms and not feel like Apple blew an opportunity. Almost six years after Apple announced Siri as a feature on the iPhone 4S, Siri’s [...]

Apple Announces HomePod, a Smart Home Audio Speaker

Janko Roettgers reports: Apple is taking on Amazon Echo and Google Home: The company announced a new voice-controlled speaker during its WWDC developer conference in San Jose, Calif. Monday. Dubbed HomePod, the new speaker features voice control [...]

Siri’s U.S. voice actress revealed!

An Atlanta woman has come forward to CNN as the U.S. voice of Siri, the built-in “personal assistant” first introduced in the iPhone 4S. Susan Bennett says she first discovered that her voice was being used on Apple’s smartphones when a friend [...]