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Confirmed: Godzilla’s Resurgence Expected to Continue

Katsuo Kokaji reports: Since the first film in 1954, a series of works have been released under the Godzilla franchise — albeit with occasional blank years. The series came to halt for a time after “Godzilla Final Wars” in 2004, but a 2014 [...]

Einstein Letters on Israel, Red Scare Go to Auction

JERUSALEM (AP) — A collection of letters written by Albert Einstein is set to go to auction next week, offering a new glimpse at the Nobel-winning physicist’s views on God, McCarthyism and what was then the newly established state of Israel. The [...]

[VIDEO] Nuclear powered Planes, Trains and Automobiles

To quote L.P Hartleys 1953 book “The GoBetween”, “The past is a different country, they do things differently there”. That’s definitely something that could be applied our attitude to the newly discovered atomic power in the late 1940’s [...]

[VIDEO] Doris Day Sings ‘Mean to Me’, 1955

Doris Day Sings, “Mean to Me” from the 1955 film “Love Me or Leave Me.” After kicking a customer for getting fresh, 1920s Chicago nightclub singer Ruth Etting is in jeopardy of losing her job when Martin Snyder intervenes [...]

You Be The Electronic Man!

You Be The Electronic Man – ‘The latest brainstorm of the Brain!’ Advertisement featured in the Dan DeCarlo comic, The Brain! #6, January 1958. (via Pappy’s Golden Age Comics [...]