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[VIDEO] Nuclear powered Planes, Trains and Automobiles

To quote L.P Hartleys 1953 book “The GoBetween”, “The past is a different country, they do things differently there”. That’s definitely something that could be applied our attitude to the newly discovered atomic power in the late 1940’s [...]

[VIDEO] Paris: The Luminous Years

Produced by Thirteen for, the Eloquent Image LLC, INA and ARTE France in association with YLE Teema. Written, directed and produced by Perry Miller Adato; Margaret Smilow, executive producer; Junko Tsunashima and Kristin Lovejoy, producers; [...]

[VIDEO] Doris Day Sings ‘Mean to Me’, 1955

Doris Day Sings, “Mean to Me” from the 1955 film “Love Me or Leave Me.” After kicking a customer for getting fresh, 1920s Chicago nightclub singer Ruth Etting is in jeopardy of losing her job when Martin Snyder intervenes [...]

[VIDEO] Movie Trailer: ‘Whiplash’, 1946

Michael Gordon never intended to be a boxer. But after he decks a burly brawler at a nightclub, a ring promoter encourages him to give the fight game a shot. Gordon, whose career as an artist is going nowhere, agrees. Besides, it will bring him [...]