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AI Enlisted to Help Prevent Traffic Jams

The transport ministry will this autumn start a pilot project that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to alleviate traffic congestion in tourist hotspots. The project will use traffic volume data collected through a network of cameras installed on [...]

5G Set to Revolutionize Tech Industry

Yukiho Takaichi and Ayuhiko Sasaki report: With an aim to start services by 2020 — when the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will be held — development of a new communication method called the fifth-generation mobile communication technology (5G) [...]

[VIDEO] Toys With Digital Eyes: Eerie or Endearing?

With the help of small LCD screens, digitally animated eyes are giving once-stoic toys—from race cars to Cabbage Patch Kids—a highly expressive makeover. Michael Hsu writes: In humankind’s seemingly never-ending quest to give life to toys, [...]

How to Design and Build Your Own Robot

Simplified interactive design tool will let you select 3D-printed parts and off-the-shelf components. Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) Robotics Institute researchers have developed a simplified interactive design tool that lets you design and make [...]

Jack Ma: In 30 Years, The Best CEO Could Be A Robot

Even top tech executives think they could be replaced by robots. Sherisse Pham reports: Alibaba founder and chairman Jack Ma, the man Fortune Magazine just named one of the world’s great leaders, predicts that technology will make many CEOs [...]

The Sexbot Revolution is Coming

Abyss Creations, maker of the life-size RealDoll, releases an AI named Harmony on the unsuspecting world as its first step toward personal sex robots. Caitlin Petrakovitz reports: The maker of the RealDoll, a life-size faux-human you can have sex [...]

Meet Mikoto, the Medical Simulation Robot

Tomoko Otake reports: It looks and feels like a real person. It can cough, has a gag reflex and even cry “ouch!” if handled roughly. Meet mikoto, a next-generation medical simulation robot developed for students, young doctors and emergency [...]

Zensho to Use Robots at Outlets

Major restaurant operator Zensho Holdings Co. said Thursday it will develop a customer service system featuring robots in cooperation with Osaka University Prof. Hiroshi Ishiguro. The company intends to boost customer numbers by enabling people to [...]

1 in 4 Believe Robots Would Make Better Politicians

The study found that 42 percent of UK consumers believe their job is likely to be replaced by a robot in the next 30 years, while 25 percent think that this could happen within the next 10 years. Hannah Williams writes: The impending robot [...]

Humans Recap: Do the Right Thing

‘It’s time for them to fear us.’ Episode 7 Season 2 Episode 7 Angelica Jade Bastién writes: The moment Hester was introduced earlier this season, it was apparent Humans was headed for a violent reckoning. Throughout this [...]

[VIDEO] Vespa’s New Robot will Carry Your Groceries

Vespa, best known for its stylish scooters, is trying something new. Matt McFarland reports: The Italian company is opening a Boston-based division, called Piaggio Fast Forward, to focus on the future of mobility. Its first creation is Gita, a [...]