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Freezing Tokyo Sees Most Ambulance Calls for 80 Years

  Tokyo’s ambulance service has experienced its busiest day in more than 80 years, officials said Thursday, amid icy conditions as the Japanese capital shivers through its coldest temperatures in decades. The Tokyo fire department, which [...]

[VIDEO] Off the Beaten Track with Explorer Isabella Bird

Dana Macalanda writes: Isabella Bird was a tenacious traverser of continents, prolific Victorian era writer and the first woman awarded membership to the U.K.’s Royal Geographical Society. Wait, who? As famous explorers and all-around great names [...]

[VIDEO] Screaming Foxes Battle It Out in Japan

The world finally has the answer to the age-old question: What does the fox say? Two foxes were caught in a tense screaming match at the Miyagi Zao Fox Village in Japan. According to animal experts, foxes’ high-pitched call is due to their smaller [...]

Air Bonsai: The Incredible Floating Bonsai Trees

Japanese designers at The Hoshinchu Team, have created a bonsai named “Air Bonsai”, that appears to magically float above its base. Made from a handcrafted Japanese porcelain, the base or bottom half is “energy base”, with the floating ball [...]

The Daffodils of Skagit Valley, Part 2

Driving in the farmlands near La Conner, Washington earlier this week, my wife and I saw a bunch of cars parked along the side of the road. “Pull over!”, I announced, not wanting to miss a rare opportunity to A. take snapshots of a field [...]

How Honeybees Brush Their Eye Hairs

Bee hair is optimized for easy cleaning. Flitting among the flowers can be messy, sticky work. Honeybees consume pollen for nutrition, so their entire bodies are covered in tiny hairs to capture as much pollen as possible. Even their eyes have a [...]