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Jazz Great Miles Davis Speaks His Mind on Ferraris

Al Auger writes: Let a local jazz DJ lay a Miles Davis sound on the airwaves and I’ll remember the many dimensions of a man few people ever saw. Davis, who died Sept. 28, 1991, lived a meteoric career that defined him as taciturn, humorless, [...]

John McLaughlin: The Last Long Haul

Fusion pioneer will say goodbye to the road in November, with help from fellow guitar virtuoso Jimmy Herring. Mac Randall writes: On Jan. 4, John McLaughlin turned 75—a noteworthy birthday for anybody lucky enough to reach it, and one that seems [...]

Miles Davis Classic: ‘Jack Johnson’, 1971

Coming off the recording sessions that produced In A Silent Way (released July, 1969) and Bitches Brew (April, 1970), it was clear that Miles Davis was determined to move his music-making forward. The restlessness and exploration once contained [...]

[VIDEO] Miles Davis Live in Vienna 1973

Over at dangerousminds, Richard Metzger writes: The only way to fully appreciate this show is to crank it up so loud that your neighbors hate your guts… Richard, you had me at “loud”. Here’s more of his review: In the work of [...]