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[VIDEO] Movie Trailer: ‘Whiplash’, 1946

Michael Gordon never intended to be a boxer. But after he decks a burly brawler at a nightclub, a ring promoter encourages him to give the fight game a shot. Gordon, whose career as an artist is going nowhere, agrees. Besides, it will bring him [...]

[VIDEO] Top 10 Best Steampunk Movies

Steampunk movies from science fiction, science fantasy, and drama that utilize the aesthetic in all it’s grimy, gritty, postmodern Victorian era beauty! From classics like Metropolis to Anime Masterpieces like Howl’s Moving Castle, and [...]

The Professional: Luc Besson’s 1994 classic

The Professional is one of my favorite ’90s movies. It’s a film that could easily have been one of the many entertaining-but-disposable action thrillers by director Luc Besson, but for three things: The cast, the original, risky romantic [...]

Asian Film Festival unspools in Osaka

Mark Schilling writes: Why go to Osaka to see films? I may sound like an insufferable Tokyo snob asking this, but given all the hundreds of movies on offer in the nation’s capital, it’s worth answering to justify the shinkansen ticket. One [...]