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North Korean Artist Swaps Propaganda for Satire

LONDON (Reuters) — For seven years, North Korean artist Song Byeok painted propaganda posters glorifying the world’s most secretive regime. Today, having defected to South Korea, he uses his talents to satirize his repressive homeland. Growing [...]

Meet Mikoto, the Medical Simulation Robot

Tomoko Otake reports: It looks and feels like a real person. It can cough, has a gag reflex and even cry “ouch!” if handled roughly. Meet mikoto, a next-generation medical simulation robot developed for students, young doctors and emergency [...]

Exhibition Celebrates Takashi Yanase’s Legacy

Akiyoshi Hatamoto reports: An exhibition featuring original works from a children’s magazine edited by manga artist and poet Takashi Yanase (1919-2013) is under way at the Poem and Marchen Gallery in Kami, Kochi Prefecture. The gallery is part of [...]

‘Godzilla Raids Again’, 1955

Synopsis for ‘Gojira no gyakushû‘ – ‘Godzilla Raids Again‘ (1955)   In a seaplane searching for tuna pilot, Tsukioka (Hiroshi Koizumi) appears to spot a school before circling a ship, and reporting his position to [...]