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Hong Kong

Exploring Hong Kong History Through its Food

Kate Springer writes: Shops open and close in the blink of an eye. Skyscrapers spring up out of nowhere. The skyline never remains the same for long. Unlike cities with old bones — like London and Paris — there aren’t as many [...]

Purple Porsche

I’m not much of a Porsche fan. The engine in the 911 is in the wrong place, OK guys? I know Germans can be stubborn, but you’ve done everything you can to make a car with the engine behind the rear axle handle well.  Give it up, [...]

HSBC Building, Hong Kong

A view of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation main building in Hong Kong, another landmark in the Central District: The old Bank of China building is in the foreground on the right, and Cheung Kong Center (headquarters of Li Ka SHing, [...]

Trending in Hong Kong: Getting Married at McDonalds

Katie Little reports: Nothing spells eternity like a McDonald’s white balloon wedding gown or a crystal McDonald’s house wedding gift for some couples tying the knot in Hong Kong. These are just two of the items available as part of [...]

Hong Kong Split Screen

Looking east and west along Connaught Road in Central District: Hong Kong Island is one of the most geographically constrained urban spaces in the world. The island is small and dominated by very steep hills, rising to a tall spine running its [...]

Hong Kong Jardine House

It’s full of holes … Built in 1973, Jardine House was one of the first modern skyscrapers in Hong Kong.  It is the headquarters of Jardine Matheson, the original Tai Pans and the model for “Struan’s” in James [...]

Jitters in Hong Kong Over Billionaire’s Disappearance

Reported abduction of Xiao Jianhua by Chinese agents unnverves businessmen with links to semi-autonomous territory. Reuters news agency reports: The disappearance from Hong Kong of Xiao Jianhua, a China-born billionaire businessman, has sent a [...]