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No Sex Please, We’re Japanese

Emily Fairbairn reports: Cuddling cafes where you can pay to gaze into a stranger’s eyes – or have them clean your ears with a cotton bud. Dates with girls who will dress up as your favorite cartoon character and hold your hand — for a [...]

[VIDEO] Cotton Candy Machine Used to Regrow Human issue

Novel approach to creating fibers the size of capillaries could be the next advance in tissue regeneration. This cotton candy machine has a higher calling than satisfying a sweet tooth. It’s whipping up polymer fibers that may one day be a key [...]

Unlocking the Healing Secrets of Komodo Dragon Blood

Michael Franco reports: Downing a vial of Komodo dragon blood to fight a bacterial infection might sound like something prescribed by a meister on Game of Thrones, but new research shows that the substance might have very real applications in our [...]

Warhol’s Death: Not So Simple, After All

Blake Gopnik writes: “Pop Icon Andy Warhol Dies After Routine Surgery” ran the headline in The Houston Chronicle. Time magazine questioned how “the country’s most famous pop artist dies in a prestigious big-city hospital after a rather [...]

What It’s Like to Lose Your Short-Term Memory

Illustration by Perrin An exclusive excerpt from the new memoir by Christine Hyung-Oak Lee Christine Hyung-Oak Lee had a stroke at age 33. Read an excerpt from her new memoir: “But my stroke would teach me things too, among them the value of [...]

Eye Cells Made with Ink-Jet Printer

The ability to print retinal cells could lead to new therapies for retinal disorders such as macular degeneration Mike Orcutt  writes:  Ink-jet printing technology could be a way to build new tissue meant to restore vision to people suffering from [...]