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Why China Is Afraid Of Ailing Dissident Liu Xiaobo

Since Chinese authorities won’t let Liu Xiaobo leave China for medical help, he probably will die soon. But his efforts to speak the truth will endure. Helen Raleigh writes: Chinese authorities accuse dying Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo of being [...]

In Japan, Foreign Residents Help Revive Tourism

Shining a light on the unique discoveries and ingenuity of foreigners. Hiroko Kono reports: More and more regions in Japan are using the talents of foreign residents to invigorate tourism. Consideration of the success stories brings three key [...]

Japan has a Plan to Put Humans on the Moon Around 2030

Japan has announced a new ambitious plan to put humans on the Moon around 2030. The move comes as both India and China are involved in greatly developing their space programs. The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) was created in 2003 after [...]

[VIDEO] Japan Sees Bitcoin Use Boom

Bitcoin’s value has been surging in recent weeks in Japan. The cryptocurrency is now being accepted at some major electronics stores, and soon by one airline. Lawmakers in Tokyo have stepped in and are helping Japan to lead in this growing [...]

[VIDEO] Reality of Life in North Korea Exposed

Ericka Andersen writes: A video has resurfaced online that I think is worth sharing again. Yeonmi Park is a young woman who escaped North Korea at the age of 13 and is now a human rights activist who shares her story around the world. That story [...]