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Why China Is Afraid Of Ailing Dissident Liu Xiaobo

Since Chinese authorities won’t let Liu Xiaobo leave China for medical help, he probably will die soon. But his efforts to speak the truth will endure. Helen Raleigh writes: Chinese authorities accuse dying Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo of being [...]

China’s Netizens Suffer Amid Web Crackdown

BEIJING/SHANGHAI (Reuters) — China’s latest maneuver in a sweeping crackdown on internet content has sent a chill through a diverse community of filmmakers, bloggers, media and educators who fear their sites could be shut down as Beijing [...]

[VIDEO] What is the Basic Law of Hong Kong?

“One country, two systems” was the catch-phrase coined by China’s president Deng Xiaoping in the 1980s, when China and Britain held negotiations on the future of Hong Kong. The two countries signed the Joint Declaration in 1984, setting out [...]

China Launches New Naval Destroyer

BEIJING (Reuters) — China’s military on Wednesday launched a new type of domestically built destroyer, state media said, the latest addition to the country’s rapidly expanding navy. The 10,000-ton warship was launched at the Jiangnan Shipyard [...]

‘Pedicab’ Wins Best Film Award at Shanghai Festival

Patrick Frater report: “Pedicab,” directed by Paolo Villaluna from the Philippines, was Sunday named as the winner of the Golden Goblet trophy for best film at the Shanghai International Film Festival. The film follows an unusual collection of [...]