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The Return of the Roadside Motor Lodge

Kristine Hansen reports: Roadside motels—once the darlings of American travel—had all but faded from the spotlight. Driving by one of these past-its-prime spots might induce a bit of nostalgia (the neon “vacancy” signs, retro architecture) [...]

‘Hero Shows’ Bring Joy of Tokusatsu Dramas

Mishio Suzuki writes: I have the distinct impression that so-called “hero shows,” which are stage performances for children featuring tokusatsu superheroes or anime characters, are an essentially Japanese phenomenon. These shows take place on [...]

Hermitage Takes Center Stage in Tokyo

An exhibition of masterpieces from the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg is now under way in Tokyo, presenting great works from the collection amassed by successive emperors and empresses of the Russian empire. Nobuyuki Senzoku, professor [...]

North Korean Artist Swaps Propaganda for Satire

LONDON (Reuters) — For seven years, North Korean artist Song Byeok painted propaganda posters glorifying the world’s most secretive regime. Today, having defected to South Korea, he uses his talents to satirize his repressive homeland. Growing [...]

Help Sought for Damaged A-Bomb Artworks

“The Hiroshima Panels,” a series of folding screens depicting the aftermath of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and other scenes, have been suffering from increasingly severe insect damage in recent years, so the gallery housing them [...]

Exhibition Celebrates Takashi Yanase’s Legacy

Akiyoshi Hatamoto reports: An exhibition featuring original works from a children’s magazine edited by manga artist and poet Takashi Yanase (1919-2013) is under way at the Poem and Marchen Gallery in Kami, Kochi Prefecture. The gallery is part of [...]

Warhol’s Mao Portrait Fetches $12.7 Million

HONG KONG (AFP-Jiji) — A classic Andy Warhol portrait of former Chinese leader Mao Zedong fetched $12.7 million at auction in Hong Kong on Sunday, Sotheby’s said — well short of the top estimate of more than $15 million. The sale of the 1973 [...]

[VIDEO] Paris: The Luminous Years

Produced by Thirteen for, the Eloquent Image LLC, INA and ARTE France in association with YLE Teema. Written, directed and produced by Perry Miller Adato; Margaret Smilow, executive producer; Junko Tsunashima and Kristin Lovejoy, producers; [...]

[VIDEO] Cherry Watch Pie

Because sometimes what you need most is a pie that looks like the inside of a watch. Jessica of Pies Are Awesome (previously featured here) has outdone herself with the exquisite clockwork crust on this mouthwatering Cherry Watch Pie. “As a kid my [...]