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Anime Tells Fireworks Story of Nagaoka

NAGAOKA, Niigata — This city’s fireworks display draws tens of thousands of visitors every August. However, it is not just an annual summer event — locals have stories connected to the event and deep feeling for it, which is what a new short [...]

[VIDEO] ‘Swing Shift Cinderella’, Tex Avery, 1945

Swing Shift Cinderella is an animated cartoon short subject. It is in the same vein as Red Hot Riding Hood. Frank Graham voiced the wolf, and Colleen Collins voiced Cinderella, with Imogene Lynn providing her singing voice. At the beginning, the Big [...]

Anime Theme Park to Open on Awajishima Island

Shoichi Shirahaze reports: An amusement facility under the theme of popular manga and anime will open in Awajishima Koen park on Awajishima island in Hyogo Prefecture in July. The new theme park is called Nijigen No Mori, which means “two [...]

[VIDEO] The Evolution of Animation

This two-part supercut by video editor Jim Casey from The Solomon Society showcases the evolution and advancements in animation, from the 1830s phenakistoscope animations to today’s cutting-edge 3D animation technology. via Tastefully [...]