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Remembering Adam West

Greg Evans reports: Adam West, TV’s Batman – and, for some fans, still the onlyBatman – is being remembered by fans and colleagues today. The 88-year-old actor passed away last night after a battle with leukemia. Here is a selection of [...]

[VIDEO] The Way it Was: San Francisco Summer of 1967

Directed by Donald Shebib of CBC, an documentary of the “hippie” life in San Francisco in the summer of 1967. Guest appearance by George H. Conger. A discussion of the politics of the day surrounding marijuana use and the Freedom [...]

[VIDEO] Documentary: ‘Revolution’ (1968)

It’s hard to imagine a moment remotely similar in the history of the human race. Between 1966 and 1969, LSD was still semi-legal and becoming hugely popular, as much a middle class rage as Twitter is now, turning an entire demographic from [...]

Flashback: ‘Wild in the Streets’, 1968

J. Hoberman writes: A scurrilous political satire, “Wild in the Streets” opened in the spring of 1968 and played more or less continuously in drive-ins and grindhouse theaters throughout that convulsive election year. Opposition to the Vietnam [...]

Happy Birthday Ford Mustang, Born Today, 1963

Charles Fleming reported, in 2015, about the Mustang: In 1963, engineers at the Ford Motor Co. turned a Ford Falcon into a sporty four-door coupe. Then they took two doors off, made it sportier still and, on April 17, 1964, hit the market at the [...]

1969 Corvette

In 1969 Chevrolet released the first of its third-generation Corvettes — the ultimate expression of late-1960s automotive Americana. Throughout the 1960s, the team behind the Corvette had been experimenting with more and more radical one-off [...]

The 60s before ‘The 60s:’ The Ventures

There are a few “main lines” that seem to dominate pop music history of the 1960s – folk (Peter, Paul and Mary; Dylan), R&B and soul (Ray Charles, the Supremes) and of course “rock” (the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix)  The artists mentioned [...]

The Sixties … before “the Sixties”

Most people get the 1960s wrong in an important way.  This includes people who “were there” — who lived through that time as children, teens or adults.  Perhaps more than any other decade or era in modern US history, the 1960s [...]