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When Robots Take Over, What Happens to Us?

Paul Waldman interviewed James Barrat, author of Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era, to see what happens when we’re no longer the most intelligent inhabitants of Earth. Artificial intelligence has a [...]

Z-Machines and Walking Paper-Bot

By all accounts Maker Faire Tokyo was a big success. Ian Lesnet of Dangerous Prototypes was there. Ian and his crew took some great photos of the fair. Have a look at the sights and commentary from Ian below and check out all Dangerous [...]

Fork-Funk Stevie Wonder-Bot [VIDEO]

Behold: Fork-O-DrumBot Vito Caiata is an Italian maker living in Berlin. He recently got his Arduino to talk to his computer sound card via MIDI, then connected a pull-type solenoid to bang on an improvised drum. He started off with a wooden [...]

[VIDEO] Defusable Clock Featured in TV Show

John Baichtal reports:  Michael of Nootropic Design built the excellent Defusable Clock, which is an Arduino-compatible digital clock that just happens to look like a Hollywood bomb. Not exactly a surprise: the clock is so awesomely Hollywood [...]

MAKE: Peter the Cyber Pumpkin

I like the cartoonish simplicity of this carved pumpkin with eyes that move.I contacted the Belgian maker, Jan De Coster, to find out a bit more about it. Jan says: I have a passion for character design and I love making things nobody else is [...]

Robot Hacks Begins: Building Bots with Master Makers

Gael Langevin and his open source, 3D-printed InMoov robot will be our guests on November 13th. Mike Senese reports: We’re excited to announce Robot Hacks, the latest in our Maker Sessions series. This new program launches with two great [...]

The Social (Drone) Network

Andrew Terranova writes:  The word drone didn’t always have the negative connotation it has been saddled with through frequent news coverage of U.S. military bombing using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). There are many benign uses of drone [...]

Gartner’s dark vision for tech, jobs

In a world where smart machines do most of the work, expect high unemployment, unrest and tumult ORLANDO — Patrick Thibodeau writes: Science fiction writers have long told of great upheaval as machines replace people. Now, so is research [...]

Neighborhood 3D Printing Store Opens in Oakland

MakerBot has a retail store in Manhattan.  And UPS is testing in-store 3DPrinting services in five locations. But how many neighborhoods or Main Streets have a small-biz, 3D printing/digital fabrication retail store?  One that not only prints but [...]

Siri’s U.S. voice actress revealed!

An Atlanta woman has come forward to CNN as the U.S. voice of Siri, the built-in “personal assistant” first introduced in the iPhone 4S. Susan Bennett says she first discovered that her voice was being used on Apple’s smartphones when a friend [...]

Coffebot Creates a Buzz at Maker Faire

Makers follow passion pursuits. Coffee lovers chase the perfect cup. Between the two there’s not much difference when you hear the story of Mark Sibenac and Stuart Heys who, in their pursuit of great coffee, applied their engineering skills to [...]

Are Robots Killing The Middle Class?

More wishful thinking on joblessness David Harsanyi writes: A few years back, President Barack Obama claimed that America was experiencing “structural issues with our economy.” It wasn’t simply that inflexible Republicans were standing in [...]

VIDEO: Ray Kurzweil – Immortality by 2045

‘In additional to radical life extension we’re going to have radical life expansion. ‘We’re going to have million of virtual environments to explore that we’re going to literally expand our brains – right now we [...]