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A Woman Chugged an Entire Bottle of Cognac Rather than Give It to Airport Security

Miss Zhao, International Folk Hero

Alex Swerdloff reports: This Chinese woman was stopped in Beijing for having a bottle of Cognac in her carry-on. What else could she do but pound the entire bottle on the spot? But then, of course, she wasn’t feeling so good.Alex Swerdloff

As any veteran vagabond will tell you, slipping the dubious spoils of your voyage past the scrupulous gaze of The Man at the airport is quite arguably the most crucial skill required for those hoping to make the most of their wanderlust. (That, or figuring out how to stop that dude at your hostel—the one who exclusively wears culottes—from whispering sweet nothings into your ear as you sleep.)

One Chinese woman certainly exemplifies this intrepid traveler spirit. Identified only as Miss Zhao, her recent attempt to slip a bottle of imported Cognac past airport security in Beijing left her with way more than a hangover.

Although there was most definitely a hangover, too.

When Zhao, a woman who appeared to be in her forties, arrived at Beijing Capital International Airport for a noon flight transfer to Wenzhou, she was stopped at the security checkpoint for trying to bring an entire bottle of Rémy Martin XO Excellence, valued at roughly US $200, through in her carry-on baggage. No big deal, right? But a bit of a dilemma.

So what did she do? According to a report in The Nanfang, she certainly did not do what the US Transportation Security Administration suggests in such a situation. On their blog, the TSA says a good traveller should do as follows:

1) Take the item to the ticket counter and check it in your baggage or a box provided by the airport. 2) Many airports have a … Postal Service or other shipping services area where boxes, stamps, and envelopes can be bought so you can ship your items home. 3) If there is somebody seeing you off, you can hand the prohibited item to them. 4) If your car is parked outside, you can take the item to your car.

Ms. Zhao did none of the above. Instead, she took matters into her own hands and “sat down in a corner and drank the entire bottle of Cognac herself.”

Gotta love Ms. Zhao and her can-do attitude. Unfortunately, our travelling buddy couldn’t hold her liquor very well. According to reports, she quite quickly began “acting wildly and yelling incoherently.” She fell to the floor and … (read more)


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