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[VIDEO] TV Asahi’s ‘Life of Paradise’ Features Tono’s Legendary Agriturismo Omori House

Tono Japan’s own Agriturismo Omori house Agriturismo 大森家 (アグリツーリズモ オオモリケ)was featured this week in TV Asahi‘s documentary series Life of paradise.


Below is a sample of the story (imperfect machine translation from Japanese to English) for the full story in Japanese visit TV Asahi‘s website, or watch the complete video, and more TV Asahi videos here.

TV Asahi: In Iwate Prefecture Tono, which is known as the village of idyllic rural scenery and folklore, Ms. Tomoko Omori began Farm (56 years old) and Shunichi’s (55 years old) husband and wife.

Screenshot 2018-09-02 10.02.12.jpeg

Tomoko, born in Tono City, after graduating from college, was a primary school school nurse. Two children married Shunichi was working in Kamaishi City Hall at the time of the 28-year-old was born. Built home near the home of Yuko, had been working hard to raising children to work.


In her 48th year, a turning point came for Yuko. A medical examination revealed she had cancer. Fortunately, surgery was successful.


[Read the full story here, at TV Asahi]


However,  four months later, the earthquake struck. “Now that my was saved is life, I’ve got to do something,” Yuko said. Remodeling a home about to start the Farm was a dream from a long time ago. 2015, began the Farm “Agriturismo (agriturismo) Omori house”.

Screenshot 2018-09-02 10.00.18.jpeg

I want to be healthy the favorite hometown, and Yuko began Farm overcome a serious illness and disaster, will introduce the interaction with the people who gather to life the first time and bed & breakfasts in Shunichi’s a couple that supports it.


That Shunichi’s has grown to put the force, a kind of Spanish origin of the pepper “Padron”. Shake the salt in the Motoage in Spain, but seems to beer knob, Ms. Tomoko is over people labor there, chili boiled and pickles, and create up to further green curry. It is Tomoko’s original cuisine of the very popular even from people who have never eaten Padron.


Two sets of customers arrived at the inn. The lined up in the table, Yuko home cooking of that with plenty of homemade vegetables and local produce. Local cuisine “Hittsumi” is, Tomoko’s mother, Keiko’s (81 years old) was cooked. Customers, was like a large satisfied with the delicious dinner and warm hospitality … (read more)

Screenshot 2018-09-02 09.59.00.jpeg

via Life of paradise – TV Asahi


We had the honor of participating as guests of Shunichi and Tomoko Omori’s farm for a small segment of this Life of paradise feature, and the privilege of tasting Agriturismo Omori house‘s delicious food.

Here are some additional behind-the-scenes photos:

Visit Agriturismo 大森家 (アグリツーリズモ オオモリケ)at

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