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Fight Breaks Out at Shanghai Disneyland After Kid Allegedly Touches Woman’s Butt

Recently, a bit of a fight broke out amid the festive chaos at Mickey Mouse’s house in Pudong, apparently after an 8-year-old kid touched a woman’s butt.


According to eyewitnesses, after the alleged butt-touching took place, the woman started to scold the little boy, leading to the boy’s mother and her companions getting involved. Video shot by a passerby shows that an exchange of words and curses eventually escalated, with one of the women defending the boy hitting his accuser in the face with a hat.


A short time later, Shanghai Disneyland security stepped in to break up the situation. The woman complained that the kid had grabbed her butt and that she had been beaten up by the other women.


As the two parties start to go their separate ways, one of the women can’t help but get in the final word, saying: “You are fucking nuts! With the way you fucking look, why would he want to touch your butt!”

On Weibo, most netizens have supposed that … (read more)

via shanghaiist

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