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Hackers Disable Scores of Canon-made Security Cameras Across Japan


More than 60 security cameras made by Canon Inc. have been hacked and rendered unusable at places including key waterways, a fish market and a care facility for people with disabilities, it was learned Monday.

Many of the networked cameras had messages left on their screens saying, “I’m Hacked. bye2.”

Although it is unclear why the cameras have were been targeted, two cities — Yachiyo in Chiba Prefecture and Ageo in Saitama — that lost control of waterway cameras noted they had not reset the networked cameras’ default password.

Canon said it could not comment on each individual case but urged clients on its website to change the default password.

Security cameras connected to the internet allow monitoring via computers, smartphones and other mobile devices via so-called internet of things technology. But experts say such cameras can be used as an entry point for hacking the computer systems of governments and companies as well.

“The cases indicate (internet of things technology) has many security issues,” an information security expert known by the alias “piyokango” said. “It is important that you make sure to change the default passwords.”

Hacked cameras were also reported at several other locations, including … (read more)

via The Japan Times

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