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Why You Should Not Give Up On Finding Great Pizza In Japan

Grey, Grizzled, And Gaijin

Craig note–  Great, great, great pizza can be found in Japan! (Enjoy!)

Grey, Grizzled, And Gaijin

The Typical Pizza Chains

There are several well-known pizza chains in Japan (Pizza Hut, PizzaLa, Domino​s, etc).
The pizzas vary in quality and price.

I won`t dime any of them out. But, I do order from these guys now and again.

The Italian Restaurants

There are many, many, many Italian places in Japan. Several places feature fire-ovens. Again, the price and quality varies.

But, there are some yummy ones out there.

Making Pizza At Home

Years ago, I bought an oven. I enjoy making pizza at home. It`s cheaper and a lot of family fun!

(Did I mention it is way, way, way cheaper?)

The High-End Pizza Places

I love pizza. So, I am not against spending serious yen for a slice (or ten). But, no, these are not pizzas for those who love saving money.

Family Fun- Pizza…

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