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Damage Control: Sumo Association to Thank Women for Providing First Aid on Dohyo


The Japan Sumo Association has announced that its chairman Hakkaku intends to thank the women who provided first aid to a city mayor who collapsed on the dohyo during a Grand Sumo spring regional tour. He will also apologize for an inappropriate request for them to leave the ring, despite their efforts.

The incident occurred Wednesday in Maizuru, Kyoto Prefecture. Mayor Ryozo Tatami, 67, suddenly fell down while giving an address. Several women quickly climbed up onto the ring and provided him with first aid. However, they were urged to leave the ring in an announcement made over the PA system.

The association held a meeting Thursday to discuss how to handle the incident after hearing from stablemaster Matsugane, who is in charge of the regional tour in Maizuru. During the meeting, association executive Oguruma said, “Human life is the most important thing of all.”

The association also plans to step up rescue drills and review the current system for announcements, which are mainly done by young gyoji referees, at regional tours.

According to the tour’s local executive committee and others, the mayor collapsed onto his back in the ring just after 2 p.m. on Wednesday.

Several female spectators climbed into the ring to provide cardiac massage and other first aid measures. Moments later, an announcement was made several times, saying, “Women are kindly requested to step down from the ring.” Some of the spectators also reportedly criticized the women for entering the dohyo.

According to the association, the women who provided the first aid are believed to be nurses.

Traditionally, the association does not allow women to enter the dohyo, although there is no written stipulation on this matter.

This is not the first time this subject has become a social topic … (read more)

via The Japan News

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