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[VIDEO] Apple Promotes Upcoming Shinjuku Store and Japanese Retail Expansion with Vivid Imagery, Neon Signage

Michael Steeber reports: After revealing the location of a new retail store in Tokyo earlier this week, Apple is now promoting the grand opening of Apple Shinjuku with a new neon-themed video, signage, and promotional imagery on the company’s Japanese website.

In an interview yesterday with Nikkei, Apple’s retail head Angela Ahrendts reinforced the company’s dedication to expanding their brick-and-mortar presence in Japan in coming months and years …

… Apple removed the coverings and revealed unique teaser signage promoting the store’s grand opening. A lighted display on a temporary wall outside the store depicts Apple’s logo in neon, cycling through a rainbow of colors. Similar graphics are used on the store’s webpage. A QR codebelow the sign leads passersby to a video promoting the store. Apple brought native QR code scanning to the iPhone’s camera app last fall with iOS 11. The clip is embedded below:

Apple’s retail expansion in Japan has been highly anticipated by local residents, especially in the wake of last fall’s closure of Apple Shibuya, currently under renovation … (read more)


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