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All Marvel Movies: Ranked Worst to Best


The record-breaking success of Deadpool will surely have many side effects, the most obvious of which being a sudden uptick in curse words spouted by Spandex-clad protagonists.

For genre fans who’ve spent recent years obsessing over the arcana of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though, the film serves as a reminder that there’s more to Marvel than the MCU. Marvel Studios, to its likely chagrin, isn’t the only studio raking in dough from Marvel Comics properties; it’s just the one whose business plan most closely resembles a supervillain’s world-domination scheme.

For those who’ve forgotten that vast swath of the imaginary universe that falls outside the view of Asgard and S.H.I.E.L.D.: Here, ranked from worst to best, are all the features based on Marvel Comics characters. [Note: This has been updated to include all the Marvel-based films up to and including 2018’s Black Panther.] … (read more)

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