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[VIDEO] Japan Gets First Robotised Coffee House

Japan’s first Robot-Café opened its doors to media on Tuesday, (January 30), with a robot replacing the barista to serve coffee to patrons.

Customers at “Henn-na Café,” meaning “Strange Café” in Japanese, have to scan a QR code printed on a ticket bought from a vending machine in order to get a 320 yen ($3) coffee.

A man scans a QR code printed on a ticket used to order a coffee from the robot barista called

The robot barista, called “Sawyer”, is able to serve a maximum of five cups of coffee at one go. One cup takes about four minutes to make.

A cafe typically employs about four to five people to operate machines and serve coffee. Here, they are replaced by Sawyer and the automated coffee machine, which the general manager says will help keep the price of a cup of coffee low.

“Henn-na café” will open to the public on Thursday, February 1 …. (read more)


via Euronews

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