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Net Neutrality Comment Fraud Will Finally Be Investigated By The Government


FCC chairman Ajit Pai – Image Source: Monsivais/AP/REX/Shutterstock

Chris Mills reports: During the Federal Communication Commission’s open period of comment on its net neutrality repeal plan, the commission was flooded with over 22 million comments about net neutrality. Reports at the time, and subsequent analysis of the public data, shows that millions of those comments may have been submitted by bots, overseas persons, or even using stolen identities of real Americans.

At the time, the FCC refused to investigate the problem or remove the fraudulent comments from the record. The FCC also refused to comply with an investigation by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman into the fake comments.

” … FCC refused to investigate the problem or remove the fraudulent comments from the record … ” Really? NoteEvidence letting the record show this abuse almost certainly favors the FCC’s case, not the case of  its radical opponents, and graphically demonstrate that hacker activist advocates of so-called “Net Neutrality” are not above using any abusive or illegal measure to push their agenda, including making racist comments and threatening the children of FCC chairman Ajit Pai.

But today, net neutrality advocates won a small victory  any sane person who favors common sense and rule of law won a small victory as the federal government accountability office, the GAO, has opened an investigation into the use of impersonation on public comments filed with the FCC. In a response to a request from Democratic lawmakers, the GAO said that it “accepts the request” to “review the extent and pervasiveness of fraud and the misuse of American identities during federal rulemaking processes.” The investigation is not expected to open for at least five months, so this won’t be a fast process.

Schneiderman, who is also leading a lawsuit against the FCC’s net neutrality repeal, is delighted nonetheless. “I’m pleased that the U.S. Government Accountability Office agreed to also investigate these comments,” Schneiderman said in a statement. “My office will continue our investigation into this potential impersonation – which is a crime under New York law … (read more)

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