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[4K VIDEO] The Museum of Fabulous Japanese Advertising Presents: The Best TV Ads of 2017!

1. U.F.O. Yakisoba Instant Noodles from Nissin introduced us to an intense battle between the U.F.O. Kamen “Yakiso-boy” and his foes to advertise their “extreme” sauce.

2. Sugon Chips from Koikeya (0:46) took us to the Ivory Coast with a jingle that’s hard to forget.

3. Pocari Sweat from Otsuka Pharmaceuticals (1:16) was one of 2017’s most epic ads, involving hundreds of people both on screen and behind the scenes.

4. Hi-Chew Premium from Morinaga (2:16) emphasised the plump, chewy texture of their gummy sweets with lots of cheek-squeezing.

5. Sushi Delivery from Gin no Sara (2:31) used the slogan “Wickedly good, wherever you slice” alongside a hilarious series of glitches in a memorable pillow-talk scene.

6. Instant Curry Meshi (Curry Rice) from Nissin (3:01) showed an instant noodle-loving grandpa flying off to the arms of an angel in heaven after discovering the taste sensation of instant rice.

7. Sof Ice Cream from Akagi Nyugyo (3:31) used the image of a dancing woman with an old man’s head to promote the fact that they serve up nothing but the top part of a soft-serve ice cream.


8. Sakeru Gummi (tearable gummy sweets) from UHA Mikakuto (3:46) pushed the boundaries with a girl asking to touch a workman’s “long” sweet, culminating in her facing him with her mouth wide open, begging for a taste.

9. Kiyora Eggs from Akita Tamago (4:16) featured their well-known rice bear wrapped in an egg blanket, heading out for a picnic inside a bento box.

10. Komatta Kamo Handyman Service from Takada Move Centre (4:46) will help you out in all types of situations, even when you’re changing a lightbulb and your towel drops to expose your body on national television.

11. C-HR Crossover from Toyota (5:01) drove through a number of Japanese scenes, including an appearance in the Street Fighter game.

12. Tada Gakuwari (Free Student Discount) Campaign from Y! Mobile (5:30) used the “YMCA” tune in a school environment to encourage students to sign up for their service.

13. Bingo 5 Lottery from Takarakujinet (6:00) showed how the word “Bingo” has the power to stop a riot at a cancelled live concert.

14. Mercari Flea Market App from Mercari (6:30) introduced us to an excited man who purchased a set of nunchucks online…for an unusual purpose.

15. Tyres from Toyo Tires (6:45) combined cars with soccer players in real-life and animated environments to promote their tyres in a variety of driving conditions.

16. Neorest toilets from Toto (7:15) attracted our attention with a couple of anthropomorphised germs lamenting the fact that they have nowhere to hide, thanks to this new toilet’s “tornado flush” and modern cleaning systems.

17. Summoner’s War: Sky Arena RPG from Com2uS (7:45) didn’t need much time to create a memorable ad for their action-packed fantasy RPG.

18. Cup Noodles from Nissin (8:00) made waves around Japan in November with this instalment in the “Hungry Days Sazae-san” series of commercials, which pays homage to Sazae-san, Japan’s longest-running anime.

19. Aqua Crossover from Toyota (8:31) showed us the beauty of night scenes around Tokyo, with Tokyo Skytree as the star of the show.


20. Sasebo Keirin Cycling Race from Saasebo Keirin (9:00) presented a touching scene where an older man is able to enjoy all the excitement of the cycling race from a smartphone.

21. D-Card/Apple Pay Electronic Payment Service from NTT DoCoMo (9:14) used a pair of hilarious puppets to capture the sense of awe that comes with using their service.

22. Rulo Robotic Vacuum Cleaner from Panasonic (9:45) took us into the drama of a miniature world of men running away from the cleaner’s powerful suction.

23. Mouse Laptops from Mouse Computer (10:15) also used mini humans, this time in the form of little mouse girls who run away from a big black cat predator.

24. Onmyoji RPG from NetEase (10:29) introduced us to the beauty of the Heian period, which is the setting for the game.

25. au Star Member Promotional Campaign from KDDI (11:00) used a star called Santaro to promote Santoro no Hi (Santoro Day) on the 3rd, 13th, and 23rd of every month, which also comes with a free gift from the Daiso 100-yen store retail chain for members.

26. Fami Chiki Fried Chicken from Family Mart (11:30) had us laughing out loud as a beauty salon worker spruced up a piece of Family Mart fried chicken piece with a massage and a dash of pepper.

27. Life Insurance from Japan Post Insurance (11:45) used the slogan “Life is Filled With Dreams” to show how one girl might not have existed were it not for the chance meeting of her parents.

28. PS4 from PlayStation (12:45) turned the tables on typical family roles when a father threw a huge tantrum inside a store, only calming down when his young son tells him he can buy the new Dragon Quest XI game…. (read more)

Source: SoraNews24


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