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Shinzo Abe Calls for Japan’s ‘Rebirth’ in 2020 Along with Constitutional Revision


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe speaks at a Tokyo hotel on Tuesday. | KYODO

reports: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Tuesday reiterated calls for rebooting long-stalled parliamentary debate on the revision of Japan’s post-war Constitution, saying he wants to see a “significant rebirth” of the nation in 2020.

Speaking at a Tokyo event, Abe touched on his self-imposed goal of amending the charter by 2020 — a controversial timeline he unveiled in a surprise announcement on May 3, or the 70th anniversary of the U.S.-drafted supreme law.

“2020 is the year when we hold the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic games. I want that year to mark a significant rebirth of Japan,” he told a gathering organized by a Jiji Press-affiliated public corporation in Tokyo.

“With the arrival of that year comes a rise in expectations for a new era, which I believe will necessitate us discussing the Constitution, or the way our nation should be.”

Abe, however, quickly sought to stave off criticism that he is taking things too fast.

He said his ambition to revise the charter — which has remained untouched since its inception 70 years ago and played an integral role in defining Japan’s postwar pacifist mentality — is not “schedule-oriented,” suggesting that he is not necessarily fixated on the 2020 deadline he had set himself … (read more)

Source: The Japan Times

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