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The Criterion Collection Presents: Donald Fagen’s Top 10 Film List


“It’s silly to choose ten, but okay!” wrote Donald Fagen, the American songwriter and musician best known as the cofounder and lead singer of Steely Dan, when presented with the task of picking his favorite titles in the Criterion Collection. The results reveal Fagen as a major fan of art-house classics, especially ones by Fellini (who takes his top two slots). And we’re not surprised he relates to a tale of musical creation like Topsy-Turvy.

8½ Federico Fellini.jpg


Federico Fellini

Mastroianni’s midlife crisis is used to explore the complex interior life of man. Fellini’s masterpiece is effervescent, scary, and profound, transcending film itself.


2. Juliet of the Spirits

Federico Fellini

Same idea from a woman’s point of view, but created in the wake of the maestro’s LSD experience. It’s magical, and he gets the colors right.


3. My Man Godfrey

Gregory La Cava

A rich guy pretending to be a butler during the Great Depression, the great William Powell’s best part. Plus Carole Lombard. It’s a thoughtful riot … (read more)

Read the whole list here, at The Criterion Collection

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