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The Real-Life ‘Bada Bing’ From HBO’s ‘The Sopranos’ Is Closing In NJ


reports: Nobody knew nuttin’ today at a Lodi, NJ strip club made famous by The Sopranos, as media inquiries poured in following word from the state Attorney General that the club must close.

Satin Dolls, the strip club that served as the fictional “Bada Bing” in the HBO series that ran from 1999 to 2007, is one of two North Jersey go-go bars that have until Dec. 17 to cease their live entertainment, according to an report. The clubs must close for alleged violations of state laws, according to a statement from Christopher S. Porrino, the Attorney General.

The Route 17 club and A.J.’s Gentleman’s Club in Secaucus must sell or transfer their liquor licenses to a third party no later than January 3, according to Porrino and the NJ Division of Alcohol Beverage Control. Reports indicate the owners, identified as members of the Cardinalle family, have been under state investigation for more than six years, Porrino said.

The Bada Bing club was a frequent scene in the HBO series, serving as an unofficial club house for the Soprano family. It served as one of the climactic scenes of the series, with club owner Silvio Dante (played by Steven Van Zandt) gunned down in the parking lot.


“The division has alleged that Anthony Cardinalle, who was criminally disqualified from maintaining involvement with the clubs’ operations, nonetheless continued to run the businesses,” Porrino said. “The division also alleges that the owners failed to account for large amounts of cash flowing in and out of the businesses.”

Cardinalle was indicated by the federal authorities in January, 2013 for his alleged participation in a conspiracy with the Genovese crime family. The conspiracy involved the NY-NJ waste-disposal industry, ironically the public profession held by fictional mob boss Tony Soprano (played by James Gandolfini) on the HBO series.

Despite a guilty plea by Cardinalle in Dec. 2013 to racketeering conspiracy and … (read more)

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