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‘Stranger Things’ Season 2: New Creepy Poster Celebrates Halloween


reports: Just in time for Halloween and the flood of pumpkin spice about to invade coffee shops everywhere, the Stranger Things Twitter account revealed a new poster for season two which features what seems to be Jim Hopper (David Harbour) standing in the middle of a dark, creepy field of pumpkins. The tweet included the caption, “Trick or treat,” which is perfect considering the second season of the Emmy-nominated Netflix show premieres on October 27, days before Halloween.

Based on what we have seen in the “thrilling” trailer, the second season seems to have scenes set during Halloween, which makes this poster appropriate. The poster also keeps up with the show’s retro ’80s throwback vibe, a detail that Netflix has been taking full advantage of on their social media.


In this particular poster, the pumpkins give a wink to the classic Halloween movies, while another poster gives off some Close Encounters realness.

The two posters above are subtle with their retro homages compared to the collection of posters that have been revealed since August on the Stranger Things Twitter timeline. Netflix has been amping up season 2 with clever remakes of classic ’80s movie posters using Eleven and the gang … (read more)


via Deadline

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