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Honda to Celebrate the Super Cub at the 45th Tokyo Motor Show


 reports: Honda never passes on the opportunity to remind the world how important the Cub series has been in its history, so the legendary two-wheeler’s 60th anniversary calls for a special celebration. At the upcoming Tokyo show, Honda plans to reveal a new production model and two fresh Super Cub concepts.

The biennial Tokyo Motor Show is the most prestigious car and motorcycle exhibition in Japan and a fortuitous double coincidence makes the upcoming 45th edition a bit more special for Honda. The iconic Cub series becomes 60 years old in 2018, and in October its cumulative production will reach the 100-million mark.


The double celebration will be spearheaded by a brand new Cross Cub (or CC 110), an adventurous-looking variant that was first introduced as a concept model at the Osaka show in 2013. Although it was met with enthusiasm from all over the world, it never reached western markets, only to be sold in Japan as a non-export model … (read more)


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