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ANOTHER REASON TO QUESTION AUTHORITY: Sex Doll Sharing Service Shut Down by Chinese Authorities


Would you pay to share a love doll with strangers?

 reports: These days, you can rent just about anything: whether you need a bicycle for a couple of hours to run errands or a middle-aged man to hang out with for the day, there’s a service out there to help satisfy your needs. Except, it seems, if it involves sex dolls.

While it might seem like common sense to not want to share what is essentially a sex toy with a whole heap of strangers, for Chinese company Taqu (or “Touch” in English), this was simply a niche in the market that hadn’t yet been catered for. After launching their “Shared Girlfriend” app online, which allowed users to rent a silicone sex doll for a daily fee of 298 yuan (US$45.15) or 1,298 yuan per week, news of the service quickly went viral, eventually attracting the attention of the Chinese government … (read more)

ia SoraNews24

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