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Hong Kong: Man killed After Being Hit by Moving Coffin in Haunted House


A thrillseeker has been killed by a moving coffin as he walked through a haunted house fairground ride yesterday.

The 21-year-old man, whose last name is Cheung, was hit by machinery inside an attraction called “Buried Alive” at Hong Kong’s Ocean Park, according to local media.

The victim was “believed to have entered into an area for mechanical operations that was not open to visitors and was hit by a mechanical part.”

Cheung was found unconscious five minutes after he entered the attraction, Ocean Park chief executive Matthias Li said Saturday, expressing “deep sorrow” over the tragedy.

He was confirmed dead in hospital, police said.

“Buried Alive” is part of a Halloween-themed festival at Ocean Park running from October 5 to 31.

The park’s website said visitors would “experience being buried alive alone, before fighting their way out of their dark and eerie grave.”

Visitors are supposed to get inside a coffin-turned-slide, local media said.

Revellers then move through the haunted house where they would experience what the park’s website describes as “a rocky maze filled with dreadful ghouls.”

Hong Kong’s government said it believed Cheung entered the house safely but … (read more) 

via: New York Post

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