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[VIDEO] Museum of Fabulous Japanese Advertising: Katy Perry’s Fabric Softener Commercial

Soranews‘ Oona McGee has this item:

… American songstress Katy Perry is known around the world for her hit songs, extravagant costumes, and her bad blood with fellow singer Taylor Swift. Here in Japan, though, the 32-year-old performer is becoming known for her love of local reed diffusers and fabric softeners, thanks to a new commercial being broadcast to television screens around the nation from 8 September.

The full 30-second version of the commercial, dubbed the “story commercial”, shows Perry getting her glamorous gear off and changing into a comfy robe.

Laundrin’, which bills itself as a “fabric and air care brand” has teamed up with the well-known singer to promote their new line of reed diffusers and fabric softeners, which were released in stores around Japan on 1 September.

The new commercial comes hot on the heels of Perry’s latest studio album Witness which was released in June this year … (read more) 


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