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Dinner at Imaichi Shoten, Yokohama

Imaichi Shoten


Grilled tuna cheeks with a soy-based sauce, covered in shredded scallions, and lightly battered-and-fried white shrimp with salt

Is that a deep-fried corn cake? Shaped like a disc, battered and seasoned, delicious.

A dish of home-style potato salad, and grilled liver skewers.

Boiled eggs. Quail eggs, then grilled. Smokey tasting. Potato cabbage and carrot soup.

Cocktails enriched with hand-squeezed pineapple juice. A dish of spaghetti, served in a traditional showa-era Japanese style, with a dash of tabasco sauce.

On the left, grilled liver. On the right, grilled chicken skin. So good you can eat it sober. (shirafu demo oiishi!)

Customers settle in and order more drinks as the thunderstorm begins.

Spectacular thunderstorm livens up the evening. Rain-protecting curtain drawn.

View from alley of sign.

A fine time was had by all.

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