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Marvel-ous in Yokohama

A display to promote the new Spider-Man movie, Spider Man: Homecoming, located inside the Yokohama train station. When I spotted this, while browsing the layers of shopping venues, I got excited, thinking this was the entrance to a comic book store, or a Marvel merchandise shop. However, it’s just a behind-glass display, featured in a high-traffic zone of the shopping complex.


The most intriguing items in the display is a collection of fabrics. Towels, I believe, with Marvel imagery printed on them, hybridized with Japanese traditional fabric printing iconography.


Since the store this is associated with, though nearby, wasn’t easily-accessible (we had to catch a train) I was unable to indulge my impulse to buy a few of these, to give to our (mostly MIA) Hong-Kong-based associate editor, a self-confessed devotee of the cult of Marvel,  Marvelologist, and figure collector.

Should I collect a few of these?

By chronicling them here, it’ll be a reminder of where to find these items, should I have an opportunity to return to Yokohama station later this week.

Perhaps I’ll convince my niece to take me to see the Spider-Man movie, while I’m here.


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