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12 Things You Didn’t Know About Iron Man’s Suit

Iron Man is one of Marvel’s most successful superheroes, but what do you really know about Iron Man’s suit?

Alexandria Ingham writes: Spider-Man Homecoming is almost here. Many fans can’t wait to see Tom Holland in the role of the young superhero, especially as many critics praise him as the best of the most recent three versions. It was all because of Iron Man that fans have already got a glimpse of the young Spidey. Well, it’s all because of Captain America: Civil War, but it was Tony Stark who brought Holland’s character into the fight.

Stark is playing a mentor to the young boy, helping to hone his powers and do what is right in the world. There is hope that we will get to see Spidey and Iron Man suit up together at one point while they train.

Just how much do you know about the suit that Stark wears? Here are 12 things you may not have known about Iron Man’s suit over they years.

#1. There are 450 pieces (and one piece was a nose)

Ever wondered just how many pieces make up the suit? Well, there are about 450 pieces of his most recent incarnations. Yes, there are many other suits out there, and we wouldn’t be able to count up the total in every single one.

One of the suit pieces was actually a nose! The nose was a creative decision by Stan Lee in 1974. That same year, Iron Man #68 had a small nose on the suit. While Lee wanted the nose, the fans didn’t and it soon disappeared. By #85 the nose was gone and the suit started to resemble the one that we see today. Does Lee regret adding that nose in? Probably not. Why should he? At least he took a chance with it!

Iron Man 2 - VIP Screening

You’ll be forgiven not knowing about the number of pieces in Iron Man’s suit. Most of the time you see him step into it or he’s already in it. It looks like one big suit that is pulled on, right? However, watch the video above and you will get an idea of all the tiny pieces that make up the suit.


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