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Christopher Nolan Reveals the ‘Dunkirk’ Pitch That Allowed Him to Make the British War Epic


‘It’s virtual reality without the headset,’ the director told the studio about what he wanted to achieve with ‘Dunkirk.’

 writes:  …What ultimately convinced Warner Bros. to sign off on a British war movie with an American-sized budget was Nolan’s immersive pitch. He knew in order to get the budget needed he was going to have to make a new kind of war movie and not just a traditional drama. And so that’s exactly the kind of experience Nolan pitched:

“My pitch to Warner Bros was: we’re going to put the audience into the cockpit of a Spitfire and have them dogfight the Messerschmitts. We’re going to put them on the beach, feeling the sand getting everywhere, confronting the waves. We’re going to put them on small civilian boats bouncing around on the waves on this huge journey heading into a terrifying war zone. It’s virtual reality without the headset.”

A Christopher Nolan virtual reality war movie? It appears the trailers aren’t going to be able to properly sell the experience that “Dunkirk” will ultimately end up being. For more from Nolan’s essay, head over to The Telegraph(read more)

via IndieWire

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