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10 things I Love/Hate about the Japanese


Japan is a place I’ve lived for 13 years now and just like any other place, it has goods and bads.  This isn’t gospel carved into a rock, rather just a list of things I love, but also truly hate, about my neighbors, in this place I’ve stayed for such a surprising amount of my life.

10) They are Insanely Punctual

In Japan, when someone says “I’ll arrive at 6:34.” They mean exactly at 6:34.  The train system, even the buses, in Japan are very, very punctual. It’s a pride point the country takes for granted and so do the expats living here.  I’ve stood next to friends on train platforms, they look down at their watch and sigh.  “Oh, Jesus, really? A late train? This is bullshit.”  It’s 6:35. The train is less than a minute late, and we’re both really put out by this.  I obviously love…

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