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Anime Tells Fireworks Story of Nagaoka


Courtesy of Nagaoka Fireworks Foundation
A scene from “Kakopaddo — Nagaoka Hanabi Monogatari”

NAGAOKA, Niigata — This city’s fireworks display draws tens of thousands of visitors every August. However, it is not just an annual summer event — locals have stories connected to the event and deep feeling for it, which is what a new short anime aims to bring attention to.

On Aug. 1, 1945, the city was hit with an air raid, killing 1,486 people. When the fireworks display restarted two years after the end of World War II, the event was meant to serve as prayers for the dead and the city’s reconstruction. Now, the fireworks display is held on Aug. 2 and 3 — the two days after the anniversary.


Courtesy of Nagaoka Fireworks Foundation
A scene from “Kakopaddo — Nagaoka Hanabi Monogatari”

The anime is titled “KakoPad — Nagaoka Hanabi Monogatari” (KakoPad — the tale of Nagaoka fireworks). Produced by the Nagaoka Fireworks Foundation, it centers on Yuta, an elementary school student in Nagaoka who thinks the local annual fireworks display is just one of many events in summer. Helped by the mysterious power of a tablet called KakoPad, Yuta travels back in time in the city, witnessing the air raid on Aug. 1, 1945, and meeting people who work hard to revive the fireworks event as part of the reconstruction efforts for the city.

Students of the Japan Animation & Manga College and the International Image Media College, both in the city of Niigata, and the Nagaoka Institute of Design in Nagaoka worked together with the foundation in making the 10½-minute anime — from drawing illustrations to coloring images to providing voices. The anime also features illustrations by children from Oshima Elementary School in Nagaoka, who study the Nagaoka fireworks as part of their curriculum … (read more)

via The Japan News

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