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[VIDEO] ‘Batman’ Arrests Shoplifter Stealing ‘The Lego Batman Movie’

Douglas Ernst reports: A man accused of shoplifting DVDs at a Texas Walmart over the weekend found himself staring down “Batman.”

Fort Worth Police Officer Damon Cole was dressed as the Dark Knight for a kids safety fair over the weekend when he was called to duty. After convincing Walmart employees that he was an off-duty officer, he then moved in to arrest a suspect found with four stolen DVDs.


“One of the movies he was attempting to steal was ‘Lego Batman.’ You cannot steal my movie! Come on,” the officer joked, a local Fox News affiliate reported Monday.

Anthony Drake, a Walmart community involvement member, told the station that Officer Cole handled Saturday’s serious (yet humorous) ordeal in stride.

“Batman says, ‘I want you to know I have this Batman costume on, but I’m an off-duty police officer,’ ” Mr. Drake said.

The suspect, who declined to be interviewed, was ultimately given a citation because the stolen property was valued under $100. The man did, however, request a selfie with the officer … (read more)

via Washington Times

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