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[VIDEO] Mattel’s Ken Doll Follows Barbie With a Full Makeover


Slim, broad or chiseled and now in seven skin tones.

Barbie is getting a chubbier boyfriend.

Paul Ziobro reports: A year after Mattel Inc. MAT -1.27% added new body types of its iconic Barbie doll, her longtime male companion Ken is getting his own makeover. Her beau will now come in slim and “broad” body types, as well as his normally chiseled physique. The doll will also come in seven skin tones, nine hairstyles, including man buns and corn rows, and modern looks, from hip hoodie to preppy check.

“We are redefining what a Barbie or Ken doll looks like to this generation,” Lisa McKnight, who oversees Mattel’s Barbie brand, said on Tuesday.


Mattel will try to recreate some positive buzz that translated into a sales boost for its struggling Barbie doll after it introduced slim, tall and curvy versions a year ago. Retailers placed big orders for the revamped Fashionista line of Barbie, with double-digit sales increases in the quarters following the release.

Barbie accounted for 16% of Mattel’s roughly $6 billion in gross sales last year and has become increasingly important since the company lost the rights to produce Walt Disney Co.’s Princess dolls … (read more)

via WSJ

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