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‘Tsuki ga Kirei’: An Ambitious Portrayal of Teenagers in Love

©2017TsukigakireiFilmPartners Kotaro, third from left, and his school friends in a scene from “Tsuki ga Kirei”

©2017TsukigakireiFilmPartners – Kotaro, third from left, and his school friends in a scene from “Tsuki ga Kirei”

Thankyou-Tatsuo writes: “Tsuki ga Kirei — as the moon, so beautiful” is an enchanting anime series. I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed by the ephemeral beauty of this painfully realistic portrayal of students in their final year of junior high school.

The protagonist Kotaro is a bookish young man who aspires to become a novelist. Though he is the head of the school’s literature society, he is calm and quiet in class. He befriends Akane Mizuno, one of his new classmates from April, the start of the new school year.

Akane is a member of the school’s track and field club, but she is not particularly cheerful or outgoing — an example of this work’s avoidance of standard anime tropes.

“Tsuki ga Kirei” is an ambitious work in which the latest anime techniques are boldly used to depict a story that would not seem out of place in a live-action teen film or drama, such as NHK’s “Chugakusei Nikki” (Diary of junior high school students).

A scene in the anime’s first episode depicts cherry blossom petals falling from a tree, and as each petal fell I became overwhelmed by the beauty of the scene.

The anime is full of brief moments that may appear insignificant at first: for example, Kotaro’s eyes following his new crush, or a bashful-looking Akane clutching onto a small mascot whenever she is nervous. You have to concentrate to catch all of the details. Moments such as small psychological triggers and flutterings of the heart are all preciously conveyed.

One day, Kotaro and Akane bump into each other at a restaurant while they are out with their families. The chance meeting outside school soon turns into an awkward encounter … (read more)

via The Japan News

Thankyou-Tatsuo is a manzai comedian and Japanese language scholar

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